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Hot Product SGP1:SGP1-19,SGP1-23,SGP1-25,SGP1-27,SGP1-30,SGP1-32,SGP1-34,SGP1-36

High efficiency: precise and detailed structural design, this series of gear pumps with high volume rate and high mechanical efficiency

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POOCCA Hydraulic,is a professional manufacturer of Hydraulic gear pumps,which is integrated with R&D

1.Very competitive price.

2.product Low-noise, high efficiency, high compatibility, long life.

3. Small size, high power density.

4.Excellent oil absorption properties.

Product Details

SGP1 SGP2 Hydraulic Gear Pump2

SGP1 series gear pumps are environmental friendly products with the features of low noise,

smart structure and easy installation . The pumps are widely applied in the industries of hoisting

and conveying machinery , road machinery , environmental protection machinery,light industry machinery ,et


The SGP1 gear pump is a centrifugal pump with internal gears that has several notable features:

1. High efficiency: SGP1 gear pump can provide high efficiency and relatively stable flow, because the internal gears are meshed with each other, which can reduce leakage and energy consumption.

2. Low noise: SGP1 gear pump produces less noise during the transmission process, especially under low load conditions, the noise will be even lower.

3. Stability: The design of the internal gear can make the operation of the SGP1 gear pump more stable, because the internal gears mesh with each other to prevent the instability caused by the entry of foreign matter.

4. Good durability: SGP1 gear pump is made of high-quality materials, which can withstand high pressure and high temperature, ensuring good durability.

5. Wide range of application: SGP1 gear pump can be used to transport different types of liquids, such as clean water, sewage, liquid food, chemical corrosion liquid, etc., with a wide range of applications.

Product Parameters

poocca shimadzu SGP1 Series

Size Displacement Rated Pressure Max. Peak Pressure Speed min-1 Inlet Pressure Mass
cm3 in3 MPa Bar Psi MPa Bar Psi MIN MAX kg lb
16 16.2 0.988 206 206 2987 24.5 245 3553 500 4000 bar -0.20~2.0
MPa -0.02~0.2 psi
- 2.9 ~29
3.3 7.26
18 18.3 1.116 3.4 7.48
20 20.4 1.244 3.5 7.7
23 23.7 1.446 400 3.7 8.14
25 24.9 1.519 3500 3.8 8.36
27 27.8 1.696 4 8.8
30 29.9 1.824 3000 4.1 9.02
32 33.2 2.025 4.2 9.24
34 34.1 2.08 20.6(18.6) 206(186) 2987(2697) 4.3 9.46
36 36.6 2.233 20.6(17.2) 20.6(172) 2987(2494) 22.6 226 3277 4.5 9.9


Dimension Drawing

SGP1 SGP2 Hydraulic Gear Pump4

POOCCA Hydraulics provide SGP1 Hydraulic Gear Pump Gear Oil Pump 100% interchangeable with SHIMADZU. Moreover, We can make varies of hydraulic pump parts piston pump parts with factory direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.

POOCCA SGP1 SGP2 KZP4 KRP4 KFZ4SGP&KZP series gear pump is the same as the original.

Production Flow Chart

- Maximum Operating Pressure o6


- Maximum Operating Pressure o1


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer.
Q: How long is the Warranty?
A: One-year warranty.
Q: What is your payment terms?
A: 100%  in advance, long-term dealer 30% in advance, 70% before shipping.
Q: How about the delivery time?
A: Conventional products take 5-8 days, and unconventional products depend on the model and quantity

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