Hydrosila NSH(НШ) Hydraulic Gear Pump NSH10/32/50/71/100

Short Description:

  • Hydrosila NSH Series gear pumps are produced with nominal pressure 160 bar and 200 bar.
  • Effective design, modern parts and high precision technological equipment provide steady efficiency during the whole service life.
  • Gear pumps ‘M’ execution are manufactured for hydraulic systems with maximum continuous pressure 160 bar. Body parts are made of special aluminum alloy.
  • Gear pumps ‘MЧ’ execution has developed for hydraulic systems with maximum continuous pressure 200 bar. Housing is manufactured of high-strength cast iron, provide high reliability and durability of the pump.Gear pumps available for MTZ tractors.

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Conventional designation of pumps Hydrosila NSh:

According to OST 23.1.92 - 88, the designation of pumps should be built according to the following structure: NSh10U-3 LKh

NSH- gear pump;

**10 - working volume of the pump or two-section section (cm³) (For example, 32-10 two-section);

**U - Design: U, A, D, B, F, E, T, ... etc. The detailed content of the designation of the design of the gear pump must be found in the manufacturer's documentation.

**3 - Execution by nominal pressure (1 - 10MPa, 2 - 14MPa, 3 - 16MPa, 4 - 20MPa, 5 - 25MPa)

**L - the working direction of rotation of the drive shaft, (left - counterclockwise, when viewed from the side of the drive motor; right - not indicated).

**X - Climatic version U, T, HL according to GOST 15150-69 in case of export delivery (for domestic delivery, the climatic version is not indicated in the symbol of the pumps.

Product parameters

 ОбозначениеHydrosila Type Н Ш6 М-3 Н Ш 10 М-3 Н Ш 14 М-3 Н Ш 16 М-3 Н Ш25 М-3 Н Ш32 М-3 Н Ш40 М-3 Н Ш50 М-3 Н Ш 100 М-3 Н Ш20 МЧ-4 Н Ш25 МЧ-4 Н Ш32 МЧ-4 Н Ш40 МЧ-4 Н Ш50 МЧ-4
Рабочий объемDisplacement cm3/rev 6 10 14 16 25 32 40 50 100 20 25 32 40 50
Макс . продолжительноедавление, Р1

Maximum continuous pressure, Р1

 bar                              160                                160                               200
Макс . кратковременноедавление, Р2

Maximum intermittent pressure, Р2

 bar                             210                                 210                               250
Макс . пиковое давление, Р3Maximum peak pressure, Р3 bar                           250                               250                               280
Максимальнаячастота вращения, nmax

Maximum speed, nmax

 min-1     4200                         3600                            3000       2400       3600              3000
Минимальнаячастота вращения, nmin

Minimum speed, nmin

 min-1                                                                                                                  500

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Production Flow Chart


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POOCCA Hydraulic is a comprehensive hydraulic enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of hydraulic pumps, motors and valves.

It has more than 20 years of experience focusing on the global hydraulic market. The main products are plunger pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, motors, hydraulic valves.

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