Advantages and applications of hydrosila NSH gear pump

Hydrosila NSH hydraulic gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump that operates by using a pair of interlocking gears to pressurize hydraulic fluid. The pump is designed to deliver a fixed volume of fluid with each revolution of the gears. The NSH series of Hydrosila pumps are typically used in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems.

The key features of the Hydrosila NSH hydraulic gear pump include:

High efficiency: The pump is designed to provide high volumetric efficiency, ensuring that it delivers the maximum amount of fluid with minimum energy loss.

Compact size: The pump has a small and lightweight design, making it ideal for use in tight spaces.

Low noise: The pump operates with minimal noise and vibration, providing a smooth and quiet operation.

High pressure and flow rates: The pump is capable of delivering high pressure and flow rates, making it suitable for a range of hydraulic applications.

Wide range of displacements: The NSH series of pumps is available in a wide range of displacements, allowing users to choose the appropriate pump size for their application.

It can be applied to MTZ tractors and other machinery.

NSH gear pump is divided into two series, namely “A” and “M” series.
NSH “M” series models include NSH6M, NSH10M, NSH14M, NSH16M, NSH25M, NSH25M. NSH32M. NSH40M, NSH50M, NSH100M
NSH “A” series models include NSH32A, NSH50A, NSH71A, NSH100A, NSH250A

Overall, the Hydrosila NSH hydraulic gear pump is a reliable and efficient pump that is suitable for use in a range of hydraulic systems.

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Post time: Mar-13-2023